Christmas Break-In

Today was supposed to be one of the best days ever for nine-year-old Izzy Rush. But now, on the last day of class before Christmas break, she has been left alone at school. To make matters worse, the biggest blizzard this town has ever seen is hitting full force. Which is why three bumbling crooks on the lam decide to take shelter in the seemingly empty school. When Izzy discovers that the criminals are holding her friend and school custodian, Ray, hostage, she decides it's up to her to save the day. But what can a nine-year-old girl do? You'd be surprised!

Directed by - Michael Kampa

Written by - Dustin “Spanky” Ward

Produced by - Gil Aglaure, Elizabeth Snoderly, Starla Christian, Tanya Silver, Ron Brough, Tamara Bell

Director of Photography - Kyle Moe

Production Designer - Andrew Lyons

Edited by - Matthew Fackrell

Music by - J Bateman

Cast - Danny Glover, Denise Richards, Cameron Seely, Sean O’Bryan, Katrina Begin